Seedooh IVP

Purpose built for OOH

Seedooh IVP

Purpose built for OOH

Truth Technology

Complex to build, easy to use

Campaign delivery reporting in OOH advertising has always been an onerous process. Disconnected systems within publisher environments lead to a highly inefficient output of self-generated ‘Proof of Performance’ reports. Growth in digital formats, along with advertiser demand for third-party verification and supply chain transparency in all media channels, will increasingly challenge reporting standards across the OOH advertising sector.

In Australia, leading publishers trust Seedooh to independently verify their campaign delivery obligations while automating the reporting workflow. The platform enhances confidence for their customers, through independent oversight and absolute transparency.

Australia’s agencies and advertisers consume verified proof of delivery data via the platform, enabling data-rich insights and analytics to be drawn on campaign performance.

All system integrations and data-flow connections are safe, secure, scalable and future-proof.

The Seedooh team actively consult in other countries to help advance the challenging journey towards connectivity for the OOH sector.

This journey has just commenced in many markets. For progressive businesses, Seedooh offers proven, system agnostic solutions to Connect, Verify & Analyse:


Verified system-to-system connections - automated real time compliance


Confidence for media buyers, built upon a best practice verification framework


Data-driven insights and analytics, always-on for effective campaign analysis


The data required to provide complete visibility over campaign execution exists only within secure publisher systems – which control and monitor live networks.

Using custom APIs specifically designed and developed for streamlined data standardisation at scale, Seedooh integrates complex publisher and 3rd party administered tech stacks using certified authentication solutions that enable independent verification of campaign playout across all OOH advertising formats.

Ancillary products such as webcam and hardware monitoring platforms, field based marketing photographs, audience measurement systems and network operation centre data can be integrated through Seedooh’s core API, allowing supply chain participants to leverage Seedooh’s IVP suite while driving step-change operational efficiencies in network management and client reporting.


The Seedooh Confidence Framework (SCF) is a verification and controls methodology developed to comply with global best practice assurance standards – tailored specifically to enhance trust, transparency and confidence in the delivery of OOH media.

The framework mandates that publishers must integrate using a Seedooh authentication method to facilitate the compliant transfer of raw, log-level data. This ensures that Seedooh’s suite of automated verification controls can be applied to validate key metrics of campaign playout across every single creative execution, at every location, to the millisecond.

Verifying the Verifier: Seedooh is currently being assessed against a global best practice assurance standard for robustness of platform security and verification framework methodology – performed independently by PwC to provide further confidence to market.

Seedooh welcomes comparison of data with any other verification product in-market.


Once campaign playout data has been standardised and verified by Seedooh, it is transparently made available to buy-side consumers via an intuitive, live-feed interactive dashboard.

And because Seedooh verifies to the most granular level possible, users can analyse campaign performance in incredible detail – down to an individual play event on an individual screen, if desired. This also enables topline management insights to be drawn and reported at a macro level. 

Seedooh’s “click-to-share” functionality means campaign playout reports can be shared instantly with clients via a secure PDF report, or alternatively, the “click-to-invite” feature sends an account creation request for a user to interactively view and analyse the campaign within the platform.

User access management processes are governed by a secure permissions hierarchy, including support for single sign-on, ensuring users can be confident that access to data is appropriately restricted to authorised users and workgroups.

“Seedooh gives us confidence to know exactly how our campaigns are displayed in the real world. It's always on, so the data is instantly available, with no additional steps in the campaign execution process. It's a no brainer to make use of this best practice, leading edge technology where it adds value for our clients.” - Stefan Klukowski, Snr Investment Director, Havas Media Australia

"Seedooh is now ready to provide a solution to an industry problem that we have been looking at for some time, we're excited to continue working with the team to integrate this as a standard practice within our business." - Bryan Magee, Managing Director, Posterscope Australia

Why is Seedooh the leading IVP for OOH media?


Once integrated, Seedooh creates a fully automated workflow for publishers, agencies and advertisers. No manual processing or intervention required or possible.

Low Risk

Rigorously tested system-to-system integrations run in the background with no interference in the ad-serving process, minimising network security risk.

Low Impact

Data processing and verification occurs Seedooh server-side, independent of publisher systems, meaning no content execution impact (load lagging, job processing, cache reliance etc.)

One-time Implementation

Once integration and on-boarding is complete, that's it! Verification and reporting runs as an automated background process. Network-wide for all campaigns and advertisers.

Log-level Proof

In most industries, log-level data has long been used as the best practice standard and source of truth for dispute resolution scenarios. Proving media playout at scale isn't any different.


Verification requires consideration of attributes that are unique to OOH media (e.g. physical existence of screens and relationships to media players). This is critical for effective verification, not a 'nice to have'.

Responsible Reporting

Seedooh uses network-wide controls to ensure all advertiser campaigns are verified, reducing the risk of targeted campaign fraud that could be exploited via advertiser-specific solutions. Verification is a responsibility.

Best Practice Controls

Automated controls, aligned to global assurance standards, enable the effective verification of every single creative playout, down to the millisecond. No sampling, no extrapolation, no assumptions.

Real-time Support

Critical for automated and programmatic transactions, Seedooh supports real time play confirmation and reporting, without the data integrity challenges associated with connectivity dropouts or cache clearing.   

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