Seedooh to verify Tonic Media Network.

Out of Home campaigns across Australia’s largest health and wellbeing media network will now be verified by Seedooh, with Tonic Media Network becoming the latest addition to a growing list of clients using the innovative platform. 

Under the contract, all Tonic’s advertisers and partners can receive transparent campaign delivery reporting, with every second of every play on each of its c.3,000 displays verified by Seedooh in line with globally accepted standards in data assurance.

Seedooh’s best-practice Independent Verification Platform involves automated secure processing to ensure that results are timely and accurate, removing the potential for human error or manipulation in manually handling large amounts of data. 

Tonic CEO Richard Silverton said:

“As we continue to improve the sophistication of our network and data, we can offer very broad or very targeted access for brands to a high value audience with plenty of time to engage with the most relevant messages.”“It’s critical that our customers have the confidence that we are delivering the right content, to the right screens at the right time – and that if anything happens to impact that endeavour, then we are able to identify and rectify the issues as quickly as possible.” 

“Seedooh is designed and proven to enable these things automatically and at scale, so we are very pleased to activate this integration, to help us improve our campaign reporting and delivery promise to all our customers.

Seedooh Founder and CEO Tom Richter said the new partnership would provide robust and independent assurance for campaigns running across Tonic’s network. 

Our solution is efficient and automated, meaning less work for the Tonic team in demonstrating to their clients that their marketing budgets are being used effectively. With complete campaign data on demand for all Out of Home activity, we are making life easier for businesses like Tonic, giving them confidence backed by best practice controls in data integrity.”

Seedooh launched in Australia in 2017 as the world’s first Independent Verification Platform for Out of Home media. Since then, the platform has automatically verified over 50 billion delivery events within more than 50,000 campaigns, using a controls framework aligned with the SOC 2 global best practice assurance standard in non-financial data. 

Tonic Media Network joins JCDecaux, oOh!media and BIG Outdoor in offering third-party verified reports to its customers. Campaigns with QMS, Shopper Media Group and most other significant DOOH networks can also be Seedooh Verified automatically on request, to the same best-practice standards. 

Seedooh has also expanded its Independent Verification Platform capabilities into cinema and stadium delivery verification, offering the same rigid standards and compliance reporting for advertising in public space media.