Curletts Road, Christchurch, New Zealand (Outbound)


Vast Billboards is one of New Zealand’s youngest and fastest growing Out-of-Home companies, offering a dynamic network of billboards throughout the country in prime advertising locations.

The business has a focus on using world leading technology to increase the accessibility of New Zealand DOOH for all advertisers. 

Ivana Moreton, Account Manager at Vast, explains:

“We are a small, nimble team, with a growing network of premium digital roadside billboards. By selecting the best locations and connecting them via best-practice systems, we provide our customers with a seamless service and create easy access to exceptional value.

Enabling Seedooh to integrate directly with the system source data closes the loop on every campaign, with always on, third-party verification of delivery for every play, on every screen. This independently verified data will be available to all our customers via the Seedooh Platform, so they can have complete confidence in the facts of when and where their messages appeared across our network.”

Tom Richter, Seedooh Founder and CEO said:

“We’re really pleased to welcome Vast to our portfolio of Seedooh verified publishers. We believe that best-practice, third-party verification should be a hygiene factor for the DOOH sector as it recovers, grows and matures to compete with other digitised media channels, both locally and globally.

Vast is our 22nd connected network in Australia and New Zealand, demonstrating the scalability of the platform. With automated, always on access to live event data direct from source, we remain committed to providing low impact, 100% accurate Verification-as-a-Service at market level, for the benefit of all sector participants.”