Seedooh Launches Independent Cinema Verification


Seedooh has launched the world’s first independent cinema-based ad verification technology, bringing a new level of transparency to cinema advertising in Australia and New Zealand.

This comes at a time when Cinema advertising across Australia and New Zealand is experiencing the strongest post-COVID ad spend resurgence of all media. 

The Seedooh platform is integrated with cinema exhibition ad delivery systems to deliver best practice, independent verification of cinema advertising content within the Val Morgan pre-show and will also be augmented by the addition of CineTAM campaign audience data, providing a unified view of audience delivery and play-out verification.

The integration, available from today across HOYTS Cinema locations in Australia and New Zealand, will further extend across Val Morgan’s exhibitor network in the coming months.


Founder and CEO of Seedooh Tom Richter said initiatives such as the third-party proof-of-play verification platform had proven to increase market confidence in media channels, as it provided greater levels of transparency.

“When we launched Seedooh into the Australian Out of Home sector, publishers saw the value it could bring to their brand and advertisers responded positively to the new level of robust and independent verification,” Mr. Richter said.

“We expect the same response will be realised for cinema advertising.”


Seedooh is ANZ’s leading third-party verifier of Out-of-Home campaigns, automatically measuring precise delivery data for thousands of active campaigns every month. 

The platform also verifies every ad played on the digital perimeter boards at the MCG and Marvel Stadiums, during AFL games, and will do the same for every Cricket Australia game over the summer.


Mr. Richter said the cinema verification product was another example of the company extending its proprietary technology and data analytics services beyond Out of Home, and into other public space media.

“Our core platform uses the same, best-practice system integration methodology to monitor the delivery of Cinema campaigns, as we do with static and Digital OOH and Stadia activity,” he said.

“We are delighted to see the conclusion of product development with the Val Morgan Cinema team and to now bring our growing roster of agency and advertiser customers such a unique and in-demand solution for the cinema sector. 

“Any advertiser with a Cinema campaign active from today can now receive verification and campaign support monitoring on demand, directly from Seedooh’s verification specialists.”


Advertisers will be able to receive independent verification to confirm whether their advertising played as per their booking, via standardised measurement reporting metrics such as:

  • plays by screen, by location, by movie, and by time;
  • the position in the break; and,
  • exclusivity compliance, where relevant


Guy Burbidge, MD of Val Morgan Cinema said the company was keen to enable third-party verification as a hygiene factor, for the benefit of all Cinema advertising participants.

“Independent verification provides additional confidence to our clients and further strengthens Cinema’s position as the most powerful AV opportunity for advertisers, delivering unmatched levels of attention, scale, and ad impact.”


Nick Behr, Founder and CEO of Kaimera agency welcomed the improvement in transparency and third-party accountability in Cinema. 

“Kaimera’s clients have been receiving great value from Seedooh’s Out of Home verification service, and we’re now excited to receive the same level of confidence in the delivery of cinema campaigns.”